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 Meet your Timeshare Resale & Travel Specialist 

                           Nancy Snyder                                    

 Licensed Real Estate Agent & Travel Agent   

Vacation Club Realty is your one-stop-shop for all things Timeshare & Travel related.  Whether you are planning on buying, selling or renting a timeshare or if you want to book your next vacation, you are in the right spot. 

Nancy Snyder has over 35+ years of combined experience in the travel & timeshare industries.  Nancy starting her career as a travel agent and then eventually got her Florida Real Estate License so she could start selling Timeshares.  Going into the Timeshare Industry was the perfect fit for her, especially with all her knowledge, experience and passion for travel.  After working 8 years for Marriott Vacation Club and then Hilton Grand Vacations, she decided to enter into the Timeshare Resale side of the business and she absolutely loves it.  Now Nancy is able to sell multiple luxury brand timeshare resales throughout the world and at a fraction of the costs. Save up to 75% off!  Nancy has a lot of connections and has access to a lot of resale inventory.  If she doesn't have the inventory that you are looking for, please be sure to let her know.  She's a lady that you can count on and she will find you the best possible resale price for the inventory you desire to own.  She will also be there for you throughout the entire sales process and beyond.  

Nancy is originally from Chicago, IL, raised in Lake Geneva, WI  but has called Orlando, FL home for many years. When Nancy is not working, she can be found at the beach, attending a local festival or cheering on one of her favorite sports teams.  Traveling the world is her passion in life,  so don't be surprised if she is working while on vacation. No matter where she may be in the world, Nancy is waiting to hear from you.  Please feel free to call, text, or email Nancy anytime.  

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