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 Timeshare exchange companies


800/622-1861  Toll-Free

305/666-1861  Local or International

P.O.Box 431920, Miami, FL 33243-1920

Initial Membership $89.00 for the first year membership or $339.00 for a five year membership.

Resorts Available More than 2,200 resorts in 75 countries under contract.


Exchange Fees:  Fee payable when placing exchange request.nternal – Same Resort
External – Different Resorts $139 – domestic
$154 – international
$49 – guest certificate

 Annual Dues $84 for 1 year, $219 for 3 years, Interval Gold Upgrade is $54 per year.

 Banking OptionsThree options: Request first, or deposit week first and have a 3 year exchange window, or use flex-change for last minute exchanges.

 Upgrades (Season or Unit)No restrictions apply to exchanges under 60 days.

 CommentsFull-service travel agency offers below market rates on airfares and car rentals. Online services include exchange, Getaways for additional weeks, and full-service travel. Golf program, WorldPoints Visa credit card provides benefits.

 Additional WeeksInterval International has a lot of Getaways that start around $200.00. You must be a member to look at the Getaways.

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